Why Choose Us?

Visas for the World (VFW) is a professional visa processing company run by a team of experts servicing pan India locations. We have experience of over 15 years in providing visa application support and other associated services such as assisting the applicants in filling out the appropriate forms, secure document handling, sending the applications to the diplomatic posts, following up and receiving the processed applications and reaching the visas to the applicants. Our well trained executives have up to date knowledge about the various processes and assist the applicants at every step to ensure a peaceful, hassle-free visa application experience.

Collection of applications:

We offer the applicant the possibility to send their application via courier, in person, email or online at the main centre’ or at collection centers.

Pre-scrutiny and dispatch:

Through comprehensive scrutiny of each application, our staff will ensure every visa application is complete, signed and contains all the supporting documentation as per the mission requirements, before being transferred to the mission for evaluation.

Fee handling and accounting:

We collect, account for and pay the visa fee to Embassies on behalf of our clients. We offer cash and electronic payment systems, applying the strictest security and compliance procedures.

Tracking facility:

We provide tracking facility on our website. Once you have applied through us, you can track the status of your application online from our website using a unique receipt number provided to you at the time of your application.

Delivery/Pick up of your application to Embassy/Consulate:

All applications submitted to us, would be delivered to the respective embassy/consulate in a safe and secure environment. Once your application is processed, we would pick up your documents and hand it over to you.

Value-added services:

In consultation with our clients, we can offer applicants additional on-site services. Besides picture and photocopy services, SMS status updates, form filling, premium services or doorstep passport collection and return to further enhance customer comfort.

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