Visa Application Process

Application Received online or at Our Centre

Application sent to Immigration

Decision made at Immigration

Applicant Notified



About VFW

Visas for the World (VFW) is a professional visa processing company run by a team of experts servicing pan India locations. We have experience of over 15 years in providing visa application support and other associated services such as assisting the applicants in filling out the appropriate forms, secure document handling, sending the applications to the diplomatic posts, following up and receiving the processed applications and reaching the visas to the applicants. Our well trained executives have up to date knowledge about the various processes and assist the applicants at every step to ensure a peaceful, hassle-free visa application experience.

Visas for the World (VFW) is part of the TT Services which facilitates clients in visa application process.

VFW services are limited to the collection of visa applications and applicable fees, scrutinizing applications, packaging applications as per Embassy requirement, delivery of the applications to the appropriate Embassy/Consulate/Diplomatic Mission, collecting the processed passports from the appropriate Embassy/Consulate/Diplomatic Mission and the return of the visa application to you, the applicant.